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Dualtronics ProductsThe Dualtronics team is focused on the manufacture of Synchrophasor Data Concentrator products. Our product is designed for use in the power grid industry to reduce network congestion and storage of data from devices that measure output energy and frequencies of power utilities.

The U.S. Department of Energy has placed a huge focus (NASPI) on having all of North America’s utility power providers engage in a ”smart grid” organization concept. The crux of the focus is more efficient distribution of power and the reduction of ‘events’ related to power outages and brown outs that are the result of a lack of system-wide measurement and control. A major control exposure is that as much as 20% of all energy produced is lost in transmission.

The  high volume of data being collected and distributed requires costly infrastructure upgrades and the addition of vast storage and archival resources. Most Independent System Operators (ISO’s) are internally driven to have 10 years of archival data. Dualtronics has taken the lead to provide solutions to concentrate the measurement data efficiently at the highest sampling rates. Our data concentrator product will provide a cost effective solution in reducing network infrastructure and data management.

Dualtronics has incorporated concentration and encryption technologies that exceed current industry  capability. As North America’s power consumption continues to grow, power suppliers both large and small, with traditional generation and those with green technologies such as solar, geothermal, wind and bio will benefit from our product’s capability. With data sampling rates expected to increase from 30 to 120 samples per second, our product’s current capability to concentrate the data makes it a viable solution for the future of the power industry as well as for today.

Dualtronics Synchrophasor ARM with Linux system Dualtronics has taken the next step with a mini-ARM technology providing a smaller form factor and a Linux operating system for the Synchrophasor system.